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FATDANE is an organic soda based on only the very best ingredients.

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FATDANE is a premium product with no artificial preservatives or colours - just natural ingredients and flavour.

Just Natural Ingredients
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  • Fatdane Rabarber

    Ginger with lime and chili

    Powerful stuff! Ginger and lime gives a sour and slightly bitter soda that is not only delicious - but also invigorating. And we are not stopping here: We have added a dash of chili, which works to bring out the aftertaste of ginger and gives the unique eco-soda its very own signature taste.
Don't forget to give the bottle a good shake before opening to make sure that the ginger is properly mixed in.

  • Fatdane Hyldeblomst

    Apple with mint

    We take the best apples with a high level of sweetness and sourness. When they are pressed into juice - unfiltered, so that all the good apple flavour is retained - we add fragrant spearmint. Hey presto - you now have a fantastic combination of freshness from the mint, rounded off with sourness and sweetness from the apples. A flavour that is created for happy and fun times.

  • Fatdane Ingefær

    Elderflower with rosehip

    Elderflower is the taste of Danish summer. In FATDANE's version, the bubbles make the elderflower more sophisticated and slightly more bitter than in the well-known and sweeter juice version. We've added as little sugar as possible so that there is room for the lovely, round flavours of the elderflower. Rosehip rounds off the taste and provides the finishing touch to this delicate, organic soda.

  • Fatdane Æble

    Rhubarb with vanilla

    The rhubarb from Funen has a lovely rounded taste that is also slightly sour. We complement its natural freshness with a dash of vanilla, which softens the sourness and makes the rhubarb deliciously mouth-watering. The result is a delicious, sparkling drink, that reminds us of granny's rhubarb dessert served on a late summer's day.

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